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Boys Gymnastics

Our introductory boys’ gymnastics classes are for boys in first-grade and up. The boys will use the tramp and all the men’s equipment, with a special emphasis on self-esteem, strength and coordination.

Gymnastics, when taught properly, can be the vehicle used to deliver a lifetime of good physical fitness habits, and the jumping, running, rolling, strength and flexibility learned in gymnastics are the foundational skills of many sports. Classes last for 75 minutes and there is an 8 to 1 student-to-teacher ratio.

Sign up for any number of classes per week. Receive a 10% discount per class for more than one class per week and a 10% discount for the second child or more enrolled at Gym America.

Registration Fee – $48 payable one time per year.


Find out about advanced boys’ gymnastics classes.

The Grand Finale gymnastics show will be held in June at U of M’s Cliff Keen Arena.  Every child enrolled in our Spring session will perform in the show. All children will receive an award medal for participation. Don’t miss this great event!