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Environment in All Programs

Since 1979 Gym America has provided the highest calibre of gymnastics instructional in Washtenaw County. We offer a variety of programs to fit any family's schedule and needs. From structured gymnastics classes to open gym — we have it all!

Special Events *rename!?*

Field Trips

Special Events

  • Clinics *rename!?*
  • Field Trips
  • Halloween
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Christmas
  • Schools Out

Grand Finale 2022

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A field trip to Gym America is great fun for preschools, play groups, Brownies, Girl Scout or Boy Scout troops, or any other group interested in an enjoyable outing that gives kids a chance to play and burn off excess energy!

Field trips can be as short as an hour or last a whole afternoon. You’ll roll, run, jump, balance and play on the vault, bars, beam and trampoline in a fun and safe environment with our certified gymnastics instructors. Each child also receives a goodie bag.

Established in 1979

Gymnastics is an ideal sport to build strength, flexibility, and confidence. 
We are proud to offer a unique and comprehensive curriculum to allow for creative, engaged and embodied learning.

Enroll with us! You may start at any time! 

You may enroll at any time.
Please call us at (734) 971-1667, visit Gym America in-person, or enroll online. We are always here to help!

Girls Classes

Our introductory girls' gymnastics classes are perfect for children of any ability. Children first-grade and up are welcome. They will participate in quality and safe gymnastics on all four events: Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, as well as additional attention to strength building and flexibility.

Boys Classes

Our introductory boys’ gymnastics classes are for boys in first-grade and up. The boys will use the trampoline and all the men’s equipment, with a special emphasis on self-esteem, strength and coordination.


Gymnastics, when taught properly can be the vehicle used to deliver a lifetime of positive physical fitness habits. Running, jumping, rolling, strength, and flexibility learned in gymnastics are the foundational skills of many sports and life skills.

Students will develop their skills and build their self-esteem with USA Gymnastics certified instructors

1st Grade+

  • Adventure (full day)

  • Gym & Swim (full day)
Tumbling Camp (half day)

  • Mini Camp (half day)

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Come join us this summer for one of our spectacular Summer Camps! 

3 - 5 years

Preschool Camps (half day)


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Summer Programs

It's so much fun learning gymnastics while building life skills as well as developing a foundation for many different sports and their education.
Our summer camps are open to all children!

Minds in Balance

We offer a unique and comprehensive curriculum which includes Gymnastics and Movement, Practical Life, Math, Language, Sensorial, Science and Art.

Mondays, Wednesdays, and/or Fridays
9:15am -12:15pm
Why Montessori?

Montessori instills a passion for discovery, creativity and self-directed learning. Teachers craft prepared environments, giving students the freedom and the tools to develop their own questions and pursue their own answers. With a Montessori education, children learn to think critically, work collaboratively, and act boldly.

Why Gymnastics?

Gymnastics is an ideal sport for preschool-aged children: it builds gross motor coordination, strength, flexibility, and confidence. Many of the core exercises of gymnastics have also been shown to improve cognition, academic performance, and emotional well-being.

Why Minds in Balance?

The science is clear: healthy bodies make for healthy minds, and with gymnastics as an integral part of our curriculum, our students benefit from accelerated learning, growth and development. Our camp brings minds and bodies into balance.

Essential Gymnastics Instruction

Gymnastics is a core part of our curriculum: targeted skills include balance, crossing the midline of the body, inversion and coordinated movement. Our other academic modules will frequently incorporate movement so as to allow for creative, engaged and embodied learning.

Essential Gymnastics Instruction

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